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painting of flowers in vase



The art world, with its professionals, critics and “experts” alike have for decades, torn apart the ‘genre’ of copy art. Whether labelled a fake a reproduction or a forgery, the art form has been around since the renaissance and there is an uncountable volume of originals that have been discovered ‘copies’ or “fakes”, and visa versa. Right up until the most recently ‘discovered’ (and subsequent record breaking auction sale of $450 Million) The Da Vinci “Salvatore Mundi” piece. which, even now, despite the sale, despite the intrigue and being housed in the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi, is shrouded in doubt and scepticism on its ‘originality’.


The ideology goes back and forth whether considered an affront to the original, and the artist, or alternatively an ‘homage’, a tribute or simply a celebration to a master piece, that is:


A. Unaffordable, B. Unattainable, even if affordable, or C. Available. I.e. Not ‘missing” from theft or otherwise.


Forging or copying art is an art form unto itself, and requires vast skill, focus and accuracy to replicate the works of the old masters themselves. To be able to recreate an exact replica of something that was painted from epochs and periods from long ago, to develop the same brush strokes and sensitivity in the art, is an enormous talent, and is becoming increasingly more popular and gaining a higher demand. It’s worth noting that best copy artists in the business will not be with us forever and like the masters themselves, will be an art form much sought after, once they are too, no longer in our midst.

Owning these rare paintings allow us to have beautiful paintings that are out of circulation or simply unattainable. Used worldwide by interior designers, film and program producers, with a waiting lists of private collectors, and in many clandestine cases, to replace original works so they can be stored away in secured vaults. 

David takes enormous pride in being now classed the worlds’ greatest art forger of the 21st century, his works are collected and treasured all over the world. 

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