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The 'Selfie' Series

Continuing with the self-portrait series, this months’ artist is the one and only Vincent Van Gogh.

In what was an all too short life, ravaged by mental illness, depression and self-doubt, Vincent painted no less than thirty-six self-portraits, often recording his troubles via this medium.

Indeed, Vincent holds the record for the most valuable self-portrait painting. The painting of Vincent minus his beard sold for £43 million at Christie’s in New York, in 1998 and is the only portrait depicting the artist clean-shaven, showing a boyish, rather vulnerable appearance.

Vincent is believed to have painted the portrait in 1889 while in the asylum at St Remy as a 70th birthday present for his mother to show her he was doing well. It is a haunting image, as are many of his self-depictions, and may even have been his last self-portrait as he committed suicide the following year.

An Exhibition of Van Gogh Self-Portraits is on at the Courtauld Gallery London from the 3rd February – 8th May 2022.

Paintings in the style of Van Gogh by David Henty are available at


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