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'The Selfie Series'

The first in the series about ‘The Artists and Self-Portraits’ addresses whom I consider the master of the ‘selfie’: Rembrandt.

Rembrandt was a dedicated self-portraitist, and possibly the first artist to fully transform self-portraiture into a genre in its own right. He painted over forty self-portraits in his life, being a great observer of human expression and activity. The paintings showcased his profound understanding of the human condition and his skill as an artist. He may even have used his portraits to attest his capabilities and talent to potential clients.

I chose to paint this portrait of Rembrandt in his later life simply because it spoke to me. There is a gentle softness in the directness of his expression, and also personal pain. In my opinion, this painting represents Rembrandt as an artistic genius, his penetrating gaze radiating out from the canvas.

Rembrandts self-portrait with Beret and Turned-up Collar is available through


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