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A very brief newsletter this month, as I’m recuperating after a major operation. Onwards and upwards, as they say! Recovery is slow but I’m looking forward to getting back to painting as soon as possible, and mulling over a few ideas in my head what to do.

In other very exciting news, I’ve written a book! ARTWORLD UNDERWORLD is available to purchase though Amazon, and, although a fictional story, gives a very real insight into the darker side of the art scene. If you’d like to buy a copy, just click on the links below. It’s available as an eBook and in paperback, and very soon in audio too. Billy ‘The Brush’ Mumford, David ‘Professor of Caravaggio’ Forrest and myself had a blast collaborating on it.

Here’s what the critiques have said so far:

“Soon to be the basis of a hit Brit flick (if I have anything to do with it).” Nick Moran, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels “The world’s No.1 art forger, David Henty, and the world’s most prolific forger, Billy ‘The Brush’ Mumford, come together once again, this time in a glorious crime caper that’s the stuff of fiction… or is it?” VICE “A crime caper that will surely pass into the realms of the classic, but actually there’s serious insight too, into the art world underworld, which is nothing less than fascinating.” Shani Struthers, bestselling author of the Psychic Surveys series “David Henty is every bit as adept with words as he is with his brush and palette.” Peter James, bestselling author of the Roy Grace Detective series

And here’s the synopsis and buy links:

Master Forger David Henty has a problem: a forgery he painted is rejected and suddenly he owes a murderous, blind, female Japanese gangster £5 million. When private detective Tony Aries contacts Henty and asks him to help find a priceless, long-lost painting by Henri Matisse that Aries believes was forged by Henty's old friend, fellow master forger Billy "the brush" Mumford, Henty senses an opportunity to dupe Aries and raise the millions he owes the Yakuza. However, Mumford operates in the shadows and disappears after being released from his latest stretch in jail. A thrilling ride through the art world's underworld ensues as Henty and Aries hunt for Mumford and the missing Matisse. It leads them into Mumford's shadowed past, and to Rome and London where they're pursued by the Russian mafia and Italian gangsters as well as the Japanese Yakuza in a quest that blurs the real with the imaginary.

Buy Links:

All the very best,



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