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October 2021 Newsletter

The golden season is upon us with autumn, bringing with it a riot of colours! I enjoy nothing better than walking in the country with my dogs and seeing the trees cast aside their emerald hues to display instead a pallet of yellow, orange, red, purple and browns. It’s enough to get anyone reaching for a paintbrush - which leads me seamlessly to this years’ Worthing Portrait Artist Of The Year Competition! Nine talented artists, four hours, three sitters, and one winner!

Held at St Paul’s in Worthing, it is an evening of live portraiture, hosted by Cathy Verney and myself. The artists will be creating portraits of Peter James, global best-selling author of crime fiction, my sister Shani Struthers, best-selling author of supernatural thrillers, and fellow forger Billy ‘The Brush’ Mumford. Judging the entrants is British artist Alison Lapper MBE, Cathy Verney, Photographer – curator and the energy behind WPAOTY – and me!

The competition is on Friday October 22nd and doors open at 4.30pm. Due to Covid, tickets are limited this year so get in quick! For ticket sales go to

The WPAOTY competition is inspired by the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The Year Series. If you have never watched it, the atmosphere is fantastic, the talent fabulous and the inspiration awesome!


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