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November 2023 Newsletter

What a busy month October was! I had a brilliant trip to Scotland to visit Hatton House Art and Design, Dunkeld (Instagram The gallery is filled with fabulous art, and unique pieces for the home. In such a beautiful setting you can’t help but see how many creatives live in Scotland, from poets and musicians, to artists and authors. I came home with several goodies, including a great oil painting from an amazing artist Lindsay Turk (Instagram, a beautiful walnut board from very talented craftsman Scott of Scottish Windfall Hardwood (Instagram @heritage_wood), and an inspiring book of poetry from Jon Plunkett (Instagram @jonplunkettpoet).

For November, I’ve exciting news! I’ll be at Cloud Gallery Fine Art in Worthing West Sussex on 11th of November for a live painting session – 1pm – 4pm. If you’d like to be added to the guest list, contact @cloudgalleryfineart on 01903 204001. I’d love to see you there!

Last but not least, I’ve also been busy with a few interviews, one for Channel 4 Radio, one for the Evening Standard London, and for Reg Transfers! I’ll keep you undated as to when they’ll be aired/printed.

In the meantime, keep dry, and all the best,



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