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The VICE video clip of a film featuring myself and fellow artist, Billy the Brush was aired on Friday 26th February and wow, what a response it’s had! We’ve been overwhelmed by comments and enquiries ever since. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll find a link to it on the press page on my website. Billy and I thoroughly enjoyed filming it so thanks very much to the VICE team and Sydney Lema for asking us to appear.

All being well, the galleries will be opening on the 12th April and Cloud Gallery Fine Art also have a sister gallery opening in Manchester on that date too! Good luck to owners and my very good friends, Andrew and Damian, in their new venture.

It looks like Spring will be a busy one with me continuing to paint – let’s hope the good weather carries on, allowing us all to get some much-needed sunshine. I know I’ll certainly be taking to painting in my favourite spot outdoors again, as always inspired by natures ever changing palette.


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