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March 2023 Newsletter

I can’t believe it’s March already – time, as usual, is flying.

Talking of which, I flew off to Bilbao in Spain recently for a wonderful and immersive forty-eight hours – work related, I promise! I’ve been commissioned to paint a picture after a wonderful artist and the only one I could find on display was in the Guggenheim Museum there. My aim was to view the work as closely as possible so I could then reproduce it faithfully. Studying the artist’s brush strokes first hand is of paramount importance along with their colour palette and how they constructed the composition of the work. It all gives me the insight and knowledge I need to replicate the piece. For me, the secret to producing a successful work of art is all about the prep. After looking at an artists’ work, I carry out an in-depth study of their techniques through books, catalogues, and documentaries. Then is the most enjoyable part of the process – recreating it, of course!

If you fancy a cheeky weekend away this year, I can highly recommend Bilbao. The architecture, the Bilbao Museum, the Guggenheim, and the Basque cuisine are all incredible (don’t miss out on the Pintxos with a cold cervesa!)

Now back to work on the commission. Salud!

Please email to discuss any commissions.

The Guggenheim Museum in the snow 2023


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