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June 2023 Newsletter

Summer is here and I think I’m going to be rather busy!

I’m very excited about a collaboration in the making with a fellow artist. It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before and, for now, under wraps, but all will be revealed in time. It is art that will challenge societal norms and stimulate profound introspection.

I’m also working on new artworks to inspire, affirm, and promote self-belief, the focus on a positive mind set. All in the style of Conceptualism. It was a positive mind-set that helped me through my health difficulties of last year and is still aiding my recovery. So, I thought I’d give back and share that experience through art.

Filming for a Modigliani documentary starts on 5th of June with Latest TV Brighton. I’m always intrigued by an artist’s back story and there is no-one quite as compelling as Modigliani – ‘The Rockstar of Montparnasse’. His story is fuelled by drugs, alcohol, women and art, the romantic yet tragic tale of a struggling artist.

The Greatest Auction on Channel 4 has started and is an excellent watch. I’ll be on series six airing Tuesday 13th June – all good fun.

So as you can see, plenty of exciting projects for the summer to keep me out of mischief! Here’s to a great summer for all of us and all hail the power of positive thought.


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