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A few years ago I was a sitter for the Worthing Portrait Artist of The Year competition at St. Paul’s Worthing. My dear friend and curator at St. Paul’s Arts Centre, Cathy Verney, has asked me to be one of the judges this year. I’ve been in front of a few judges in my time, but this will be an honour!

Channel Four will be filming the event, which will be held on the 22nd October 2021, and this year’s sitter’s will be best-selling crime fiction author and fellow Brightonian, Peter James; my friend and fellow forger, Billy ‘The Brush’ Mumford, and my sister, Shani Struthers, a best-selling author of supernatural thrillers. Good fun will be had by all, no doubt.

The competition is still open for budding portrait painters to apply (and bribes will be accepted!!) For more information, email Cathy at


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