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The summer is here and I’m in a Modigliani frame of mind. When the sun is shinning there is no better place to be than on my terrace, facing the sea, paint brush in hand and an easel in front of me. I have had a couple of weeks off but am now back loving being inspired by one of my favourite Montparnasse artists, Amedeo Modigliani, his highly stylised works have got the oil paints flowing.

I have also been working on a book cover idea for David Forrest’ book featuring Billy ‘The Brush’ Mumford and myself. We’ve all been collaborating on this exciting fictional novel, due for publication soon. ‘Art World Underworld’ romps along at break neck speed, taking you deep into the art world’s underworld with two (rather renowned!) art forgers. In short, it’s a true story based on a complete lie! Watch this space for more details very soon.

All the very best!


'Portrait of a Girl' After Amedeo Modigliani


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