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August 2023 Newsletter

The summer holidays are here, time for a bit of a rest and a lot of gallery visits.

I've just had a lovely couple of days in London visiting the Tate Britain and Tate Modern, both of which are free. In the Tate Britain hangs the wonderful Lowry 'Industrial Landscape 1955'. The painting is typical of the panoramic cityscape that Lowry loved to paint. Gazing at it for a while I was inspired to reconnect with Lowry, and as soon as I got home, I prepared my palette with the five Lowry colours and lost a blissful few hours recreating some Lowry people.

I cannot emphasise how magical it is when one is lost in art, finding 'that place' where time is meaningless. Which leads me to a podcast I'm on with Aaron Daniels soon, 'The Healthy Creative Podcast'. Aaron explores effective ways to get more creativity into your life, and gives effective advice that promotes inclusion in art, reconfirming that creativity isn't just for the creative types.

To get inspired to pick up a brush, or a pencil, or whatever medium you choose, I highly recommend these exhibitions:

After Impressionism: Inventing Modern Art @ The National Gallery (ending soon)

Klint & Mondrian @ Tate Modern

Banksy: Cut and Run @ Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow.

Have a great summer.


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