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Painting of the Month THE ROLLING STONES

We’ve got something different for you this month, a David Henty Original! I love the Rolling Stones, they’re one of my ‘go to’ bands when I’m struggling to access my creative side. I put on a track by the Rolling Stones or watch Shine a Light by Martin Scorsese (my favourite film!) and the cogs being to whir!

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen the Rolling Stones in concert many times, the energy and flamboyancy that oozes out of their live performances is nothing less than mind blowing. Their career, spanning over five decades and a combined aged of 295 years (or thereabouts), gives them the title of the longest performing band of all time and the best rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.

Their music has inspired me throughout my teens and adulthood, so when I saw this image of Keith, Mick, Charlie and Ronnie those creative cogs whirled big time! Their rock star life, etched onto their faces, has been fascinating to paint. To capture the ruggedness of these icons, I have been experimenting with thick, undiluted oil paint, which gives a tactile feel and embodies that rawness and energy which is so evident in their music. I also added marble dust to give texture – an old technique favoured by Caravaggio.

I hope you enjoy this David Henty original as much as I have enjoyed painting it.

Oil and marble dust on board

Size 40” x 31”


Framed in a bespoke frame to suit your taste.

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