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Paintings of the Month

This month the collection I would like to share with you is The Lowry Lockdown Collection. Inspired by L.S. Lowry, this collection of 6 Lowry style paintings has kept my mind occupied during the lockdown. Lowry is best known for painting industrial scenes in the North West of England, his distinctive style of painting for me is mesmerising.

I love Lowry compositions, the whimsical characters, buildings placed like a stage set and the texture of the paint. Recreating a Lowry takes place in stages, capturing the movement and character of the everyday people and building up layers of paint to achieve the correct texture, a process I find both therapeutic and reflective. It’s just so easy to get caught up in the Northern scenes, and there are so many fascinating incidentals, including people in windows that you have to strain to see, locks on gates, vents in the houses, and the colour of the clothes being worn. When studying a Lowry painting there is always something new to see, something you missed the first, second, and third time of looking!

All paintings will be available from Cloud Galleries, Worthing, Chichester and Brighton.

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