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Two years in the painting, David Henty’s ‘Salvador Mundi’ is finally finished and for sale through Cloud Gallery Brighton. A true labour of love, the frame has been beautifully made by Lizzy Cahill at Cloud Gallery Framing to exactly match the frame surrounding the real Salvador Mundi. The question is: is the real Salvador Mundi by the hand of Leonardo da Vinci?

Salvador Mundi broke the historical record in 2017 selling for a whopping $450 million dollars. The authentication to determine whether the painting belongs to Da Vinci himself or to one of his disciples is still under debate. After working for over two years on my copy of this masterpiece, I believe the original to be by the hand of the master Leonardo da Vinci – the paint is almost blown on, a very time consuming effort and Leonardo was known to be very slow. The right hand is beautifully rendered and the pattern on the robe is typical Leonardo – and is so hard to replicate.

To view David Henty’s Salvador Mundi please visit Cloud Gallery Brighton

I hope you enjoy my Salvador Mundi as much as I did painting it.

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