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June Newsletter

The official grand opening of Cloud’s new Super Gallery in Worthing will be on Thursday 11th July 2019, 6.30-8.30pm, with a month long exhibition of my works on show! On the run up to the show, I’ve been busy in the studio creating some new pieces and, with pieces selling already, I’m extending my repertoire. If there are paintings you would like to see, please email me your suggestions.

Suggestions for the name of the show are welcome too (

Our short listed Exhibition titles so far are:

‘In the Frame’ with David Henty

‘Show me the Monet’

‘Frame & Fortune’

‘Definitely, Maybe, Might be’

‘Provenance in the Post’

& lastly

‘Well Hung!’

To celebrate Picasso week Monday 3rd-Friday 7th June, I will be showing a Picasso a day on Instagram and Facebook.I am very much looking forward to seeing how much the ‘car boot find’ reaches at the local general auction on the 7th June with the estimate at £750,000! Hopefully this will be a new record for a David Henty!

I’m also pleased to announce that Les Platanes Restaurant in Mayfair is now officially open, a fantastic contemporary French Bistrot de Luxe where my Soutine’s, Braque’s and De Kooning are adorning the walls.

And finally, don’t forget with the wedding season now upon us, what better gift for the Bride and Groom then a David Henty artwork. Commissions for a personalised and unique painting available.

The Wedding after L.S.Lowry available to purchase

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