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Artist of the month Leonardo da Vinci (15.4.1452 – 2.5.1519)

The Quintessential Renaissance man

Painter, scientist, architect, astronomer, historian, musician, military engineer, inventor, mathematician, writer, antiques appraiser, mapmaker, 15th century animal rights activist, a lover of nature and vegetarian. Tall, handsome and quite the dandy dresser. What a catalogue of accomplishments.

Leonardo was a universal genius, his scientific mind a marvel, how could a person in the 15th century be so enlightened by such futuristic engineering and thought? His study of the anatomy is equivalent to a modern day x-ray. This year celebrates the 500th anniversary of his death yet to this day we are still finding out about Leonardo. His ability to draw with both hands is a new revelation. His secret diaries written backwards and his fascination with codes and patterns, his secret messages in his paintings across the ages have the historians intrigued. The acute attention to detail, the scrutiny of nature and creation and the radical contrast of light and shade make replicating a Leonardo a mind boggling puzzle, his visionary and experimental techniques needs great problem solving, completely frustrating and challenging but enjoyable all at the same time. His works have influences the worlds great artists from Ruben’s to Warhol. The most famous painting in the world The Mona Lisa, painted by the hand of this genius a staggering and celebrated work of art.

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