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January Newsletter 2019


After losing my mum in 2018, I’ve been thinking about my family. I have a very creative and large family and extended family; there are six boys (including me and my cousin Chris) and my sister, Shani Struthers, who herself is an author. Writing in the paranormal/horror genre, her Psychic Surveys and This Haunted World series often tops the Amazon genre charts and year after year are attracting a huge number of fans. There’s also been interest from Netflix in one of her books, so watch this space!

My brother Steven is a talented carpenter; he has lovingly renovated a camper van, which he regularly blogs about and loves to paint too. His subject is the female form and, in my opinion, he could give Vettriano or Fabien Perez a run for their money! Follow him on instagram @Stevenhenty_art

Paul, the middle brother, is a horologist. He specialises in First and Second World War watches and his knowledge of dials, movements and brands is nothing less than astounding – an art form in itself!

Tony also has an eye for jewellery but his real talent is for looking after a person’s wellbeing. A trainee counsellor, he is also currently in the process of writing a book, one that revolves around new techniques in self-healing, which he has based on personal experiences.

My youngest brother Dane is another who uses art to express himself; he has an interesting style and through art is able to find calmness.

My cousin Christopher Kent is an artist… a martial artist. He’s been teaching the martial arts of Wado Ryu Style karate and Full Contact Kickboxing since 1975. Chris has competed both nationally and internationally, fighting in Europe and the USA, was British Lightweight Champion, and, overall, ranked 6th in the world. Chris still teaches @KICKS MARTIAL ARTS CENTRE in Brighton. He was awarded his 7th Dan for his continued services to Wado Ryu by the EKF. Chris’s son Shane is also a highly trained and experienced boxing /kickboxing coach. His knowledge of the sport is outstanding and his drills and personal training advice can be viewed on instagram@shane_kent

And then there’s me. I love art; I love to walk around galleries and museums. Seeing a much-loved painting in the flesh is nothing less than electric. Straightaway, I begin to imagine the artist who created the piece; I think about each brush stroke he or she made in order to produce their masterpiece. Away from the galleries, I learn everything I can about the artist’s life, this includes his lifestyle, his friends, influences and his inspirations. Until I have discovered all there is to possibly know I will not try to emulate an artist. To replicate using the wrong materials or simply for money, in my opinion, is disrespectful. Only when I can ‘feel’ an artist, step into their shoes, having learned their language and their shorthand on the canvas, am I ready to paint.

What’s in store for 2019: This year we are already planning for three exhibitions, two in London and one in my home town, Brighton.

We are also collaborating with hotels and filming will commence on ‘Picasso before Breakfast’ based on my life story. And, for collectors of my works, a stunning coffee table book will be available.

This wonderful quote by Picasso is my mantra for 2019:

“I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it”. Picasso

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