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No Intent To Deceive

From Vermeer to Van Gogh, Modigliani to Monet, Soutine to Munch, David Henty’s ‘No’ INTENT TO DECEIVE exhibition, showcasing around fifty of the world’s most iconic paintings, was a resounding success.

Black walls and stunning frames set off this extraordinary collection, demonstrating perfectly David’s unique ability to replicate the greatest painters of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Cloud Gallery Chichester hosted this truly sublime event and looked ravishing with beautiful flowers and dressed windows inviting people to stop and stare in amazement. The champagne flowed freely and the directors, Andrew and Damien, were in fine form, ensuring everybody had a night to remember.

The exhibition runs until Friday 27th April with David’s work flying off the walls.

You’ll ‘scream’ if you miss this!

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