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"Basquiats Copy Cat"

Basquiat | Copy | David Henty Art | Blog

Above David Henty's Copy \ Below Basquiats Original

Basquiat | Original | David Henty Art | Blog

I was completely thrown when I was sent this picture last night - David had mentioned earlier this week he was going to produce this painting by punk-artist Basquiat. When I received the picture I thought he was sending it to me again! In which I replied "have you done it yet?"

Completely thrown, David replied "Yes! that's it!"

I have seen David produce some incredible replica's and his talent is recognised worldwide, having recently been classed in the same category as Eric Hebborn 'the master forger'. (Greenhalgh who?!?) However, I have always liked to pick out tiny discrepancies to keep David on his toes... If you are able to spot one, please let me know!

David has produced a couple of Basquiat's famous neo-expressionist paintings for our exhibition [June 10th-17th] and I think the audience will be blown away with the quality of his copies - from an Old Master forger to a punk artist copyist, whatever next?

All paintings are available to purchase - all paintings will be showcased at our exhibition; No Walls Gallery, 114 Church Street, Brighton.

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