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Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of John Singer Sargent 'Capri'

David Henty Art | John Singer Sargent | Blog

This weeks' Painting of the Week is something exclusive, painted especially for our exhibition in June - this elegant painting of an Italian girl from the island of Capri, Rosine Ferrara became the favourite muse of American artist J.S Sargent.

Captivated by her exotic beauty several 19th century artists including Charles Sprague Pearce, Frank Hyde and George Randolph Barse made artworks of her which are now owned by private collectors and museums.

Rosina Ferrera was of Greek ancestry - born in Capri. She was a descendant from the pirate Barbarossa!

David loves the spontaneous brushstrokes and masterful way Sargent can transfer an image to canvas.

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