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Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Jack Vettriano

This week we have a blast from the past - we have chose one of Jack Vettriano's many provocative paintings for our Painting of the Week.

David painted this painting for his own collection a year or so ago, and gifted it to his wife.

This painting was featured in The Telegraph newspaper shortly after David Painted it. You can view the full story by The Telegraph here.

David is inspired by the self-taught artist and can relate to the similarities they share. Like David, he learned to paint by reading textbooks and studying and copying paintings from other well known artists, in fact his first painting was a copy of Monet’s 'Poppy Fields'.

David Henty Art | Jack Vettriano | Blog

Jack Vettriano original on the left / David Henty's copy on the right.

(This painting is not for sale).

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