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Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Francis Bacon 'Posthumous Portrait of Geo

Francis Bacon | David Henty | Art Forger

This humongous painting has been chosen by David as our Painting of the Week! As David has always loved the artworks Bacon produced.

David found this particular painting a challenge due to its size, he says "working on this scale was a great test, and i loved it!"

This painting is framed in a beautiful glass cabinet type frame with a thin beech effect. It stands at a massive 6ft7!

David really enjoys the artwork of Francis Bacon and especially enjoyed recreating this due to its difference against David's other paintings.

David is planning on painting a couple of Francis Bacaon's artworks, including a large Triptych series, he says he just needs to find somewhere big enough to accommodate them!

Francis Bacon | David Henty | Art Forger
Francis Bacon | David Henty | Art Forger

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