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Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Amedeo Modigliani 'A Female Nude'

If only we all looked as elegant as this lady does, perched on the end of a chaise... Modigliani did a great job of painting elegance within this hourglass figure, tempting David to recreate it.

David Henty | Art Forger | Modigliani

Not only did David take on the challenge of painting another portrait, which is said to be the most difficult subject to paint, he also decided to age this painting true to its period.

The original is hung in the Courtald gallery in London.

As David stands before this painting for a several time, he then decides he must recreate it.

David is extremely fond of Modigliani, his story and his artworks.

'A Female Nude' was first exhibited in 1917 at Berthe Wells gallery in Paris. It was Modigliani's only solo exhibition which unfortunately got shut down by the police on the grounds of indecency.

David has recreated this painting on a period canvas and aged it by approximately 100 years.

This is definitely one of my favourite paintings as well as David's!

David Henty | Art Forger | Modigliani

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