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Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Pablo Picasso 'The Seated Woman'

David Henty Art - Picasso

This weeks 'Painting Of The Week', chosen by David is 'The Seated Woman 1938' by Pablo Picasso.

David decided to paint this piece as it set himself a challenge. It took David a good couple of weeks to recreate this painting due to the challenging shapes he had to reproduce.

David really enjoys pushing his ability to the fullest, therefore likes to regularly push himself to the next level of recreation.

Another side to the challenge of recreating Pablo Picasso's 'The Seated Woman (1938)' were familiarising himself with the difference in pallet. The colours Picasso chose for this painting were a much lighter, pastel shade compared to the usual pallet he would use to create his masterpieces.

David is extremely fond of Picasso and names him 'A Genius'. David has a collection of Picasso recreations which are available to purchase.

This painting is an accommodating size of 36" by 28". The painting is framed in a lovely matte, thin bordered frame with a gold lining which really compliments the different lighter shades.

David Henty Art - Picasso

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