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We've Joined the TAGSMART Family!

We have some exciting news, after much consideration we have decided to join the community of artists that benefit from the great expertise that is TAGSMART.

TAGSMART offer similar attributes to Agriyork400 [our previous tagger] however becoming a member of TAGSMART offers us not only the security and authenticity protection, but they solely concentrate on the art world and are always improving the service and product.

They are introducing the Tag for canvas this April, therefore we will be able to function 100% with TAGSMART ensuring all our purchasers have piece of mind by our tagging of each and every painting sold. Alongside the tag (located on the reverse of the painting) you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity, providing evidence of ownership and provenance. You will also receive a Digital Certificate which becomes a passport over time featuring the artwork's provenance and searchable in our online database.

For more information on TAGSMART please view the website;

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