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Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of L.S Lowry 'The Politicians'

Lowry - David Henty Art

This weeks Painting Of The Week, chosen by David is 'The Politicians' by Lawrence Stephen Lowry.

David painted this around the time of Brexit when the politicians were all over the news.

David particularly liked the figures in this painting, there is even a Trotskyite looking person in the crowd!

Lowry was renowned for his sense of humour and in this painting you can see his sense of fun!

Lowry - David Henty Art

David has a large collection of Lowry recreations, from small board to large canvas paintings.

David says 'It was a joy to paint , and remains one of my favourite Lowry paintings'.

(If you have a specific painting you love, please get in touch for commission enquiries.)

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