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Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Van Gogh 'The Bedroom'

David Henty Art

This week David has chosen one of Van Gogh's most iconic paintings as his 'Painting Of The Week'.

David recently visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam on a pleasurable break. Whilst there, he utilised his time

to study more of Gogh's masterpieces and familiarise himself with the techniques Gogh used and the particular pallets.

David mentioned that he recently stood in front of this particular painting [The Bedroom] in the museum and felt mesmerised. He felt that the artwork had an effect on him, therefore he had to paint it.

All photos displayed in this blog post are original David Henty paintings.

David Henty Art - Van Gogh

David Henty Art - Van Gogh
David Henty Art - Van Gogh

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