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Painting Of The Week - David Henty's recreation of Walter Sickert 'La Hollandaise'

David Henty Art

Walter Sickert [painted by David Henty]

'La Hollandaise ' This is David's painting of the week.

His inspiration to paint this piece, fundamentally was the colours. The carefully chosen pallet was really interesting. David explains, 'It was like looking in to someones life through a slightly soiled veil, there is shadows trying to tell you a story'.

Altogether we feel Walter Sickert had created depth, drama and of course, tension!

David Henty Art

David also mentions, this week American Author Patricia Cornwell is publishing her second book on Walter Sickert, this book renaming Sickert as Jack The Ripper. David has purchased this book and is looking forward to reading it!

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