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9 Questions We Asked The Artist!

'5 Minutes Away From The Easel'

After a week of madness; creating a new website, setting up our new branding for David Henty Art, signing contracts for exciting new projects, organising for the exhibition (that will be launched this June), we managed to sit the Artist down and ask him a few personal questions for your perusal.

We hope you enjoy the read, feel free to leave feedback and if there is something you are keen to find out, why don't you ask a question too?

So, how would your Family and Friends describe you as a person?

Sitting around my kitchen table on a Sunday, I thought what better way to find out! My partner, grandchildren, daughter and her husband all came up with; repetitive, single minded, talented and I laugh at my own jokes. Best of all, my partner Natania said perhaps I'm on the Autistic Spectrum!

What do you most enjoy doing?

I really enjoy getting up early when it is quiet. Starting to paint when my mind is clear and the light is bright.

How do you 'get in the zone'?

I find I need a spark to get 'in to the zone'. Reading through art books, listening to music, especially from creative types such as Jimmy Hendricks. Just by watching him on the TV starts the creative juices flowing. I also get stimulated by talking with creative people, brainstorming; anything like that helps me cross over to the 'artistic side'!

Who is your biggest influence and why?

I think I am!? I am naturally driven. I was always interested in art and was naturally drawn to the dark side! I always loved reading and studying the forgers of old. Their story's were the biggest influences on my career. For example, Tom Keating. I enjoyed reading his book; A Fakes Progress.

Which three Artists would you like to be compared to?

I wouldn't! I don't know about being compared to someone, however my art heroes are Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio, Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino, Walter Sickert and Eric Hebborn. It was a career highlight of mine to have had one of my paintings hung alongside him in a recent project for Sky Arts TV. (please find press article here.)

What are you most proud of?

I'm proud of becoming legit. Having my paintings collected by discerning art lovers, collectors and corporate clients, and valued as works in their own right.

In the old days it was standard practice to study and copy the great artists from history.

So, why should we encourage people to buy your paintings?

Number one, to enjoy! Number two, to watch it appreciate in value. Number three, to enjoy it! [laughs] (I think we will agree with his family and friends about the repetitiveness!!)

What makes you unique?

My work and my character. I am always looking for perfection. I will always want to improve and I'm prepared to take risks in my work to take on the best artist in history!

It takes me a long time to understand an artist. There is a lot of work and research, I have to feel I know an artist and be able to see through their eyes before I attempt to recreate their painting.

Finally, what two paintings are your greatest recreations?

My favourite paintings of my career are; Caravaggio - The Taking Of Christ (click here to view painting) and Norman Rockwell - Strictly A Sharpshooter. (click here to view painting).

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