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"Another brilliant production by David Henty. Beyond impressed - speechless. Truly a master of his craft".

Ex CID officer and the real 'Roy Grace' Detective Inspector David Gaylor


"Thank you so much for your fabulous painting that you donated for the Charity event. So many customers have bought tickets and absolutely love it. Just wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated."

Love Michelle and The Team



"David Henty is the best art forger in Europe if not the world. His brilliance stems not just from his ability but also his very real love for art. A one of a kind artist, as well as every kind of artist. We adore the ‘Sickert’ he did for us which hangs in our hall and draws comments from all our visitors. We are huge Henty fans."

Jonathan Sothcott - Film Producer Janine Nerissa - Actress

United Kingdom

“I think David Henty has immense talent, for both copying the works of great painters, and creating fresh art in their style.
But what sets him in a class of his own is not merely his skills at technique, it is the way he brings such a vivid sense of animation to all his work.

My wife and I have a “Lowry” by David and it is a beautiful piece of work.
Recently we I entertained a very celebrated television personality, who has hosted shows on art, to dinner and we showed him the Lowry, not at first telling him its provenance.
He said he was astonished how good it was, and he would have had a very difficult time to prove it was not a genuine work by that artist."

Peter James - Author

United Kingdom

"The painting I commissioned from David Henty - ‘Going to the Match, Highbury version’ in the style of Lowry, has been received.

A difficult picture to create, given the angles and stadium required, it has been painted superbly and captures both the style of the original and the memories associated with the new Arsenal version.
Many thanks"

Paul Williamson

United Kingdom

David Henty is a master of his trade, at the height of his powers.

And it is my enduring pleasure to own a Modigliani by him,
Jeanne Hebuterne in a large hat.

It is a stunning piece which takes pride of place in my house.

Its presence, just hanging there, is illuminating and enriching in equal measure.

There is no doubt in my mind that the scope and scale of his talent is such that his work will only appreciate.

It is now my good fortune to be able to say, 'I have a Henty!'

Kevin Dunne - The Sun Newspaper

United Kingdom

“I have been fascinated by David’s artistic ability and indeed his life story, ever since meeting him two years ago. To date I have bought three of Dave’s works including a Modigliani (Nu Couche), a Lowry (Lancashire Street) and perhaps my favourite of all, an Alfred Munnings (At Hethersett Races).

The quality of these artworks is literally jaw-dropping, the attention to detail and everything down to the physical brushstrokes of the original artist are replicated in a way that makes you realise Dave can only be one of life’s true geniuses. Having turned his life around using the beautiful medium of art is just a fantastic story and an amazing achievement and I wish Dave all the very best for the future.”

Carl Rees

United Kingdom

“I was lucky enough to buy 2 of David's pieces - one Modigliani and one Van Gogh - they are both stunning.

One striking feature of Davids work is the amount of research he puts into both the artist and the piece. He really does try to be inside their skin. His attention to detail, his understanding of texture and materials are all exemplary.”

Gareth Jones

United Kingdom

"I would just like to say thank you and tell you that I am so pleased with the Basquiat I bought from your Brighton exhibition.
I previously bought, and still have your Marvin Hagler piece of work which is also an exceptional painting.

Keep up the good work"

Yinka Olatunji


"Words can't express how absolutely thrilled I am with the painting of 'A Man Walking His Dog; Lowry'. I loved it the first time I saw it and know that it will give me endless pleasure once I have it up on my wall.

Many, many thanks"


United States

"Having missed the David's debut exhibition in May 2016 I was determined to attend this year's exhibition. I was not disappointed. To obtain an important original work in the style of one of my favourite artists, by such a significant copyist was not just great fun but an honour.

It has all the elements of a Lowry, and the David Henty brand proudly displayed. I am sure I will get much enjoyment from my treasured picture."

Wendy Markham

United States

"David's representation of 'Lucien Pissarro's - English Garden' painting, looks like its painted 'from life'.

His easy fluent brush strokes confidently capture the sultry heat haze and bring to mind a late impressionistic style.

(I actually mean this, its a superb painting!!)"

Ella Wilder

United Kingdom

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