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David Henty Art


Heading 6
Photo by Jim Holden

David Henty is now considered the best copyist artist in the world today. His work is meticulously and lovingly recreated to the finest detail, having honed his craft over 25 years to now master the techniques and nuances of some of history’s most iconic artists, his work has fooled scientists and art critics alike, being practically indiscernible from originals of such artworks by Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, LS Lowry, Caravaggio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Norman Rockwell, Chaim Sautine, Carel Fabrituius, Claude Monet, Jean Michel Basquiat, Ewin Landseer, Walter Sickert, Rene Magritte, David Shepherd, John Singer Sargent, Gabriel Rossetti, and the list goes on.

David’s history as an artist started, appropriately enough, with a short stint in HM Prison for forgery in the mid-1990s. It was while serving the sentence that David was inspired to start painting after being seduced by the stories of the artists he’d study. Fascinated by their technical genius he became more and more interested in attaining a level of expertise, and being ‘connected’ to the very psyche of the artists, even dreaming of their lives and the masterpiece artworks. Before long he taught himself, through rigorous preparation and a wholly immersive research process, the art of copying, and flawless reproduction. Wherever possible, even sourcing the same materials, pigments, brushes, canvases and boards staying true to the period.

David explains that his paintings are a very different discipline to that of producing original artwork, copying is notoriously difficult and much more technically challenging to follow someone else’s lines and brush styles. But he relishes the technical challenge of mastering an artist’s eye, and once he has an affinity with the artist, he is able to replicate their style to an amazing degree of closeness. David’s preparation for a painting begins long before his brush even touches canvas, and consequently, each piece comes with its own unique narrative as a 'David Henty' painting, original in of itself. 


Recent press attention from the likes of The Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express and high-profile appearances on Sky News and BBC Radio 4 just to mention a few, confirm a mounting interest in David Henty's artwork and a renewed appreciation for this growing and respected genre.


With a strong and growing gallery presence, and a growing list of private collector, David’s work is in high demand, and with a discerning repertoire, a long list of projects and commissions are now on the table from a Mediterranean tour, prospective shows in the United States, scheduled shows in Dubai, UAE and beyond. David also gives lectures and speeches on technique and the intriguing art of forgery at private, corporate and charity events.

Each original piece is presented in its own bespoke, handmade frame and signed on the reverse by David Henty to certify its authenticity.

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